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The USPS is going through their most significant changes in history! It is critically important to stay current with all the changes and how it will affect your business. The most effective way of staying current with mailing issues and changes in the U.S. Postal Service is by participating in your local Postal Customer Council (PCC). The "Platinum Award” winning Greater Madison Area PCC has been providing many opportunities throughout the years by bringing timely information, expertise, education, training, and problem-solving to strengthen your business.

Our initiative is to grow the Greater Madison Area PCC membership by inviting non-members, past and current members and other associations in the business community to share their best practices. Knowing your interest in ensuring the best possible mail service for our community and in enhancing your own business development, we invite you to become an active member of the Greater Madison Area Postal Customer Council.

If you have been involved in the PCC in the past, we welcome you back! If you have not been involved before, we invite you to join us. The Greater Madison Area Postal Customer Council success depends on building successful partnerships in our business mailing community. Please join us in making our nationally recognized “Gold Award” winning PCC a greater success by becoming a member.

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